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Wound Care Specialists and Podiatric Care

Wound Care Services

-Our wound care teams will visit patients at home or in the care facility, most often within 48-72 hours of receiving the referral.  

-Eliminate the expense and inconvenience of transportation to and from appointment locations.

-No more sitting in doctor's offices or wound-care centers.

-We offer FREE wound care in-services to nursing agencies, assisted living or skilled care facilities.

-We accept Medicare, BCBS and most third-party insurances (with prior authorization when required).

-We respond to the problem of rising healthcare costs by working with dependable medical equipment and supplies which are necessary for patient treatment.  

Residential Podiatry Services

-Our podiatrist will visit the patient at home or in the care facility, most often within 48 to 72 hours of receiving the referral.

 -We accept Medicare, BCBS and most third-party insurances (with prior authorization when required).

-If your are a diabetic, you are an at-risk patient.  It is important that any problems or potential problems are addressed immediately.  

We emphasize prevention of wounds in the diabetic patient and other at-risk-patients by performing regular debridement of nails, corns and calluses.  Also, we are able to prescribe diabetic shoes for diabetic patients which help prevent skin breakdown by protecting the fee, accommodating neuropathic deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, and relief of pressure spots.  By communicating with the primary care physician we are able to educate the patient and work toward prevention of skin breakdown.  


A personal approach with professional results

Its has long been estimated that three to four million Americans are affected by pressure ulcers.  This condition results in a multi-billion dollar impact in health care expenditures annually, and untold suffering and frustration for the families of the patients.  

We have Certified Wound Specialists on Staff.  These specialists are members of the American Academy of Wound Management (AAWN) which is dedicated to the multidisciplinary team approach in promoting the science of prevention, care and treatment of acute and chronic wounds. Certified Would Specialists are an elite group of healthcare professional involved in wound management,  We are proud of our physicians accomplishments. 

We are here to help, bringing the highest quality medical and surgical wound care to the comfort and convenience of the patient's home or care facility.  We approach wound healing by helping to create a multidisciplinary team, where each entity, though separate, works closely with the patient's doctors, nurses and family toward the health and well-being of the patient.

A plan for healing

We'll help develop a complete wound care plan involving pressure-relief devices and a sound nutritional regimen to expedite healing and prevent new wounds.  

We also assist lay or inexperienced caregivers.  Caring for a loved one with wounds can sometimes be frightening or overwhelming.  We provide complete instructions to help achieve a favorable outcome and reduce anxiety.  

We're always within easy reach

We keep everyone informed in the wound treatment and healing process, from the family doctor, to home care nurses, dietitians, rehabilitation personal and family members. To make communication easy when you need us, our physicians and physician's assistants provide cell phone numbers.  

Additional Services

-We can evaluate a patient to determine eligibility for high-tech wound healing options such as hyperbaric oxygen and negative pressure assisted therapies.  

-We also offer the convenience of replacing feeding tubes.  This service is a covered Medicare benefit up to four times per year.  

Owner Information

Edwin J Soler M.D.,  is the Chief Medical Physician and owner. He created an organization in 2002 that specializes in wound care management. He later established another home health services that includes podiatry services.

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